--- toast	2005/07/24 18:37:09	1.388
+++ toast	2005/08/26 05:17:36	1.389
@@ -6180,7 +6180,7 @@
 the build will be marked C<(not clean)> if intermediate files created
 by B<toast build> have not yet been removed by C<toast clean>.
-=item <B<toast env>>
+=item S<B<toast env>>
 Prints shell commands to make armed packages usable.  This command is
 normally invoked with C<eval `toast env`> (note the backticks) from a
@@ -6198,7 +6198,7 @@
 the default value; if this causes problems, it may help to ensure that
 C<MANPATH> is set before invoking B<toast env>.  This command assumes a
 Bourne-like shell -- zsh and bash will work, tcsh won't.  None of this
-is likely to be unnecessary if B<armdir> is C</usr> or C</usr/local>
+is likely to be necessary if B<armdir> is C</usr> or C</usr/local>
 (the default when running as root).
 =item S<B<toast help> [ I<TOPIC> ] ...>