--- toast	2003/11/23 23:49:36	1.244
+++ toast	2003/11/24 00:46:28	1.245
@@ -4512,8 +4512,8 @@
 run one of the following commands.  The first requires GNU wget; the
 second relies on the GET utility that comes with the LWP Perl module.
-  sh -c 'u=http://toastball.net/toast;wget -O- $u/toast|perl - arm $u/'
-  sh -c 'u=http://toastball.net/toast;GET $u/toast|perl - arm $u/'
+  sh -c 'u=ttp://toastball.net/toast;wget -O- h$u/toast|perl - arm h$u/'
+  sh -c 'u=ttp://toastball.net/toast;GET h$u/toast|perl - arm h$u/'
 If you ran either of the above commands as root, B<toast> should
 now be installed in C</toast> with appropriate symlinks under
@@ -5162,9 +5162,11 @@
   - build overrides LD_PRELOAD instead of appending [space-separated]
   - autofind fails for: sleepycat db, gcc, latex, gv, GNU arch (?)
   - build fails for: jikes, sirc, netcat, lcab, busybox (ow!), gv
+  - "toast --autoremove --crossversion upgrade toast" fails w/ NFS
 Wish list:
+  - "toast upgrade" w/o args should imply --nostoponerror or something
   - "toast arm" should move armed packages to top of stacking order
   - "toast status" should give information about stacking order
   - "toast rename" should rename armed packages by rewriting symlinks